In 2016, 20 new subway lines were put into operation and 30 are expected to be opened in 2017 nationwide. In next five years, 30 new subway lines will be added annually. Calculated by allocation of 2000 people per line, It requires 360,000 professional to meet demands of subway opertation in six years, an annual average of 60,000 people. Among them, 15% management talents which means 9000 are needed each year of which middle- to senior-management personnel account for 20%, namely 1800 people, are the scarcest talents.

The shortage of talents at all levels restricts the development of urban subway, especially for business of operation preparation, joint test, takeover, opening for new lines and maintenance &support , and there are high risks for safety.

For this purpose, JiangXi Kmax Industrial Co., Ltd cooperate with Guangzhou Kmax Software Development Co. Ltd and China Urban Rail Transit Forum (expert group), based on AR/VR technology, integrating the national metro expert resources, taking the way of online teaching and practical training of virtual metro system, equipment and facilities to accelerate training of talents, making contributions to talent training for urban rail transit industry.

After half a year's preparation, and comunicating with professor& doctoral supervisor from East China Jiaotong University &South China University, this kind of innovative teaching way of practical training with help of AR/VR virtual metro system,equipment and facilities has been proved to be not only adapted to the practice teaching for undergraduates, but also suitable for aided teaching and practice for vocational technology institute. It is not only helpful for the people who attend pre-employment training of urban rail transit construction and operation, but also offers great help for people in urban rail transit manufacturing &management system who wants to impove their professional skills.


• JiangXi Kmax Industrial Co., Ltd. is a council member of national urban rail transit vocational education association.

• China Urban Rail Transit Forum (expert group) have more than 200 people including senior experts, professors, doctoral supervisors, doctors and vocational teachers from urban rail transit industry

• Relying on each other’ nuclear and professional strengths in urban rail transit industry, advantage of software development and AR/VR technological superiority,we provide three-dimensional&comprehensive solutions for more than 100 courses of all rail transportation profession such as metro,tram,straddle monorail covering vehicle,scheduling,maintenance, passenger transport,ticket service,CRSC for rail transit vocational college, rail company and personal vehicleeer advancement. This teaching method,a combination of online teaching of visual image and practical training of AR/VR virtual metro system,equipment and facilities is originated from vocational education, but beyond traditional vocational education, more advanced and comprehensive, easy to learn and understand.

• Our mission involves dealing with a series of core issues including writting new major application,making talent training plans,constructing curriculum system,standards&syllabus, creating program textbook and teaching resources repository, setting up practical training bases. compiling instruction book of practical training, establishing college-enterprise cooperation relationship with metro company, offering internship opportunities for students, starting classes for orders.


• Curriculum development is in strict accordance with Ministry of Education’s requrements on vocational education course teaching goals about knowledge, ability and quality. Professionals hired are all from famous rail transit vocational college in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen and other developed area and metro company for example MTR. They develop teaching resources like “Core Course Teaching Resources of Rail Transit Major.

• The lecturers are members of national urban rail transit vocational education group or industry steering committee of the transportation of the Ministry of Education(short for industry steering committee) or profession steering committee of urban rail transit (short for profession steering committee) or from key institutions. They all have more than ten-year experiences in teaching and practice and have directed students to win prizes for many times in national level vehicle and communication signals professional skill competition.

• Meanwhile, well-known experts from rail transit industry are invited as course adviser and mentors to make sure the course teaching completely meet requirements of standardized post operations in rail transit industry,combining with standard of industry and enterprise closely.

• These teaching resources are also used with other multiple modern teaching methods and models such as practice instruction,cloud classroom online,mobile app,serious games”,VR/AR/MR(virtual reality,augmented reality,mixed reality) ,combining education with recreation and practice. They have absolute authority and applicability. There are no need for the learners and teachers to compile textbook themselves and content can be adjusted to more or less according to schools’ specialty set-up and teaching time, flexible use as demands.

• This new teaching and practical training method can assist and guide the construction of related subjects in rail transit colleges and universities to achieve qualitative leaps from scratch, to make progress from weakness to strengths, from normal to excellence, to reflect relevant institutions’ social value. It is the most effective way to improve the professional skills of in-service production positions and managers.

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Service objective: science and technology are productivity,superior service is foundation;Service content: professional software system training,update software database,custom service support for software


• Respond to software problems in 24hours

• Provide technical support for unworkable software, professional resolve bugs

• Specially-assigned person maintain and repair software system


• Install and debug system, train teachers and have them master relevant knowledge and be familar with software application

• Adjust and upgrade software of corresponding metro vehicles. Provide update for each module of database.

• Provide corresponding technical standard manual and instruction book in electronic version

• Provide software copyright of metro vehicle simulation training software which certify independent knowledge property rights

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